40 yr reunion


Urgent: Dates changed for Class of 79  40 YEAR REUNION to 27-29 September 2019

Due to the complete disdain of Fleetwood Mac shown towards our reunion by deciding to hold their silly concert on the weekend of 20-22 September , the bulk of accommodation, flights , food and toilet paper has been gobbled up by their rabid (and clearly Philistine) fans! 

We have therefore retreated (moaning and grizzling as one does) to the following weekend when the weather will be better anyway.   Just as much fun.  Just as happy.  Just come friends!!

Registrations opening soon ( May 1st probably  ...thats duckshooting isnt it?)

Spread the word.  Each of you has a personal challenge...Bring one other classmate who hasnt come to a reunion.... for a while ...or ever!

Kind regards

Mike, Sharleen and Rob